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Blues You Can Use

I love listening to the blues. I get shivers when I hear Clapton’s Strat crying like a baby or Stevie Ray Vaughan rocking out some Texas style licks. But what’s even better than listening to the blues? Playing the blues! Blues You Can Use by John Ganapes is a great starting point for anyone stepping into the world of blues guitar.

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Creative Guitar 1

I first encountered Guthrie Govan through his articles in the excellent magazine, Guitar Techniques. It was obvious that Guthrie was a master player, so I was excited to learn that he’d also written a book (he’s actually written several, Creative Guitar 1 is the first in a series of three).

Govan’s aim for this book is to show guitarists how to explore any aspect of guitar. That is quite a big ask. But Guthrie does

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Book Cover

There comes a time in most guitarists lives where they want to write original material. Playing your favourite bands’ hits is great fun but writing your OWN songs is one of the most satisfying aspects of guitar playing. A thorough guide to writing songs is Rikky Rooksby’s ‘How to Write Songs on Guitar’.

This is the type of book where you will literaly learn something new every time you open the book. Rooksby delves deep

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Fretboard Theory eBook

Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna is a great e-book that covers all the elements of theory that most players will ever need. If you’ve ever been invited to jam along with another player or band and found yourself clueless as to what notes to play then chances are you don’t know your theory. Learning and applying the information in this book will unleash the mysteries of the fretboard and do it at a price that’s easy on your

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